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yesterday in Tondo, Manila. Celebrating the Feast of Sto. Niño. :)

in the morning, i shoot and cover some of the event near the tondo church, with lyka and jeng. after that i went to ate Cez’s crib. <3 we all had fun there, picturan and kumain ng masasarap na putahe ihhh kahiya nakadalawang balik ako though nabusog na ako sa first bahay na pinuntahan ko. haha. till dumating sila Janus, who’s really tipsy-turvy and i hate him for that! (dami ko kaya bruises, kala ata nya punching bag ako) grrrrr. at first he is so sweet tlaga eh. he’s just hugging me, and whispering that he missed me so much. errr. bad guy, then turn into a monster. haha. uhh, he’s just really makulit. then, after ate cez’s , next stop kela ompong, naubos ko ata yung fruit salad nila. nakakahiya. :)) madami tuloi di nakatikiim? hopefully hindi naman. :)) then, nagkantahan sakanila. and as usual nangungulit ako kung sino man pwede makulit that time. hmm thats it, last stop kela emmart. ang saya saya :)) hehe. i missed that super gay!!! i missed his house, and everything. i miss the old times. kasi namn siya eh!! grrrrr. whatever. i dont wanna be too emotional. basta im happy that everybody’s there. :) <3

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